Happy to announce that I have successfully defended my Master's thesis with an Excellent score πŸŽ‰

I have successfully defended my Mater’s thesis. My Master’s thesis topic was Model-Driven Methodology for Developing RESTful Web Services.

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Abstract of My Master’s thesis

My Master’s Thesis Topic was Model-Driven Methodology for Developing RESTful Web Services. We used Model-Driven Development and Domain Driven Development concept for developing our methodology.

First, we considered generating web services automatically from requirements as the main problem. We eliminated repetitive tasks in designing RESTful web services by MDD. MDD can support automatic code generation through the transformation of models. We evaluated the possible transformation languages, and we decided to take advantage of Eclipse Epsilon; I was also familiar with XText. In addition, the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach can be effective for producing a rich domain model, and we used this approach for modeling the different levels of our framework. We propose the model-driven methodology, in which modeling levels and model transformation rules are precisely defined. Based on the literature review results, we defined the target modeling framework and model-driven methodology. We evaluated the proposed methodology by applying different criteria as different aspects. Furthermore, we empirically validated the methodology through a case study. The results of a case study demonstrated significant improvement in developing restful web services.

Amirhossein Deljouyi
Amirhossein Deljouyi
Researcher/Software Engineer

I am a Ph.D. Student in Computer Science at TU Delft, and I’m working on the TestShift project